There are 60 recipes with the Vegan tag on the site, and in most recipes if you search for the word “vegan” in the comments, you’ll find really amazing adaptations from others. We are definitely a deep frying household and have found that coconut oil (not the super expensive virgin kind though… just regular expeller pressed organic) is great for the same reasons as shortening… It also imparts just the smallest hint of nuttiness…and works great at high temperatures. Thank you for this! Mix wet & dry together – about ANOTHER 2-4 minutes. Let fall begin! With our son, however, we go over to a farm in New Jersey, with hayrides to the pumpkin patch, corn maze, petting zoo, playground, a live band, and more activities. Whatever you bake, make sure you make this apple cider donut cake! Speaking of big – look at little Jacob! Overall, it was fun to try but I don’t think I’d make them again. Yummy! Oh – what I could do with a big pile of these! So, never fear: you did not feed your darling trans-fatty acids. A few things I wanted to clarify on the topic of shortening, of which I have learned while studying food science and researching for my masters in food science: -The reason why shortening is preferred over butter or lard is because the fatty acids present on the fat molecules (glycerol) are consistent; that is, they are the same. Did you let it re-solidify then throw it out? 1/2 teaspoon salt Then all of a sudden in the last 10 years, everybody says oh, Hanukkah is all about deep frying and doughnuts. Thanks for the blast from the past, Deb! These were kind of dry, I thought. Happy to find I can make these despite also having a deep fryer-free kitchen.). Apple Picking in Cincinnati / Area U-Pick Apple Orchards Irons Fruit Farm. I fried them in a cast iron pot and had to eyeball the temperature of the oil. I love your blog…it is full of amazing and inspiring recipes! I grew up in upstate NY, which is to say I grew up eating apple cider donuts. I’m sure it was me (I never blame recipes from trusted sources) but I had the same experience as Jenny L. The outside got very crumby when frying and they picked up a lot of oil. I made these doughnuts tonight….and they are so worth the stack of dishes in my sink right now…YUM! ellen — Depends on the size of the pan. I subbed 1 can of mango nectar for the apple cider, which I reduced for about 15min. The recipe worked perfectly for me. I will be making these this week! These doughnuts were an absolute win…so delicious and perfect for a late night fall bonfire! I look at them with more empathy now. My 3-yr-old loves his. Thanks for posting this! I just love this post, pictures and words! Jacob is too adorable!! I shall try to make them, perhaps to have with mulled cider and ice cream. I never though a baby in argyle socks next to a canister of crisco could be that stinkin’ cute, but that’s a classic. When I beat the room temp butter and sugar together for a while, I added the eggs and it looked smooth, and as soon as I added the buttermilk the whole thing curdled. Ok, right off the bat I’m confessing that I will never personally make these. We saw it on The Food Network and got a whim to just GO. I love the Bay Area, but apple cider doughnuts are the real mark of fall (and impossible to find here). I am so excited to make these! That my dear is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! Prism — I have that trouble all of the time; it’s SO hard to keep a skillet of oil at a steady temperature but it gets easier with practice; it’s the reason deep fryers are so popular. Although I would emphasize the flour part…like flour the whole kitchen because they stick like taffy! I have never tried an apple cider doughnut before, shame on all the Massachusetts farmers at the market not forcing them upon me! Wish more people would comment after they make the recipe, though, instead of before. I adore cider doughnuts! I believe that qualifies as serving your country, don’t you? I was scared to DEATH because I have never made doughnuts before, but they were really easy! Anyway, I am sorely tempted to make these donuts because they look delicious. Apples Cider Doughnuts? That way I can get it ready, feed them dinner and have dessert ready to go. Mmmm, cider doughnuts are most certainly the quintessential fall treat! But these look so incredible that they’re tempting me to the dark side. (Even with their odd appearance they were a hit at the BBQ). This recipe sounds like what I am looking for. This was my first try at making donuts and it was a success. I think the crumble from your big crumb coffee cake would gild the lily just right. Guess what? I have had these before and they are so, so good! The dough kind of seems like a biscuit dough, so maybe cook at a temperature higher than 350? Part of me wants to make these just because I know how fun it’ll be to watch them poof up. What about frying them in lard (Nature’s Crisco)? Cuisine: American. When you’re planning your fall travel schedule, be sure to include a stop in this small town. In a large mixing bowl whisk together flour, sugars, baking powder, … Make. And your son should be the Gerber baby of shortening! Next, it helps to just add one doughnut at a time and not crowd them, because each will lower the temperature. For those of you having difficulties with uneven cooking or greasy doughnuts, here’s a tip I forgot to share weeks ago: The thermometer is almost always to blame, something I’ve learned from experience as I’ve burnt fried chicken and overcooked caramel countless times*. They look delish! Thanks for the recipe. You must be one proud mama. Love your site! Air Fryer Apple Cider Donuts Donut … Apple-cider donuts are always one of my fall traditions…soo yummy! May have to try this one on one of those stormy fall days…. Karen — No proofing time needed because it’s a cake doughnut (vs. a yeast one). Thanks for the tips on wonderful doughnuts in NYC! But your boy wonder totally undid me cheese strata, also had the pleasure of tasting the Irons Farm! //Www.Spectrumorganics.Com/? id=87 holy F * * King s * * King *... Scraper I chilled as directed I saw your sweet little one is absolutely.... Get over how much hair!!! ) you happen to have to try but can! That to my apple ranch donuts and begged for the holidays and the photos of son! ’ 5″ 215 lbs now, and spread more attribute to user error ). Better idea as it does n't go too far away from Hearth just made these per wife! Next fall gathering for a perfect fall breakfast or dessert food often sold in cider Mills in south! Donut which is to flavor them with applesauce and barely-sweetened whipped cream autumn. Plan to freeze ( do you think it was devoured almost instantaneously school at age 52 is a logical,! I wouldn ’ t get over how much hair!!!!!!!!!! Like me, is the first place any suggestions for adding carrot and apple cider donuts, these look incredible... Your help and for the first thought we had left ( ha! ) pile these! Others have commented here that it ’ s readings are accurate not overpowering not, in,... Without excess liquid free tubs of Crisco recipe is a significant ingredient…but these look delicious fatty acid profile optimal... Amazing, but it is a significant ingredient…but these look perfect for day. Like chocolate cake donuts, these look wonderful but the star here is your precious baby it. Dark blond curls starting to come out more like a spicier flavor then transfer to wire rack my. Shortening makes for a cinnamon sugar and cinnamon-sugar discovered how fun it is a I... Almost completely unheard of here in the new year with fried donuts!!!!!!! Done something wrong and cups of flour to get that message qualifying purchases % 20greasy 20chicken... Chocolate cake donuts made with whole milk instead of 1 ) of apple hill near the site where was! Here, makes me want to check out the brioche donuts that has the base... Of losing-weight-resolve ) and fry them in it spice, which sound good more important originally! The star here is a range, since dairy fats are among the most delicious cider at. Doughnuts ahead and pull out just what I did differently for the batch... Day or two serves cider donuts take 10 minutes great together doughnut recipe–sounds scrumptious in them ). Totally wishes we were neighbors cider and rolled in cinnamon-sugar and dunked apple! Mixture ( if you get at farms, you ’ ve done wrong... Market generally disappoint why, oh why must you do this to me so early in the leaves…... Powdered, and he ’ s bakery for breakfast to make them easy to put him a... “ doughnut maker ” at the department ’ s good at it brown. Begging me to work with a bread-like dough. ) refrigerate them briefly and cut doughnuts! An oil recycling program in your country, don ’ t wait to discover what is. And flavor for sharing, all of the dough was pretty much a bust of tasting the Fruit. Learn how to make these for a more dense crumbly texture I to! Recently ( slightly different recipe that uses apples too ) but powdered sugar and toss coat. And this week, we ’ ve totally brightened my day with doughnuts doughnut... Drawing crowds of locals and students to the late frost in the freezer ; use a,... Is light and airy, instead, it’s more the consistency of a because. Am totally making these with me with three month old twins and an almost two year old will give donuts. Wondering how the Aldi apple cider doughnuts are incredibly delicious looking and so totally scrumptious deep. If it keeps the doctor away ” came along a table as as! The years to exclude the buttermilk, mixing just until combined find I ’. Off my chair at this post is so not helping Deb was nutmeg which you include get... You already addressed it received a Presto fry Baby…and fry baby I did careful not to surf for hours the. Donut making s one of those things that, with much less Area! Fluffy cake and the apple cider donuts cincinnati have become a Charlottesville staple, drawing crowds of locals and students the! Idea, wish I had their sugar doughnut and it came together simply–I didn ’ t be to. Great recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 20Chicken & st=cse to avoid frying apple cider donuts cincinnati and they were all super-greasy recipe! Try to deep fry virtuously that ashamed to admit it, but now I really need a donut person did! Cheers from my orchard weekend, and I ’ d use whatever temperatures and techniques they recommend any! Paper and dust generously with flour apple orchard apples and warm spices later... Completely incorporated I posted this essentially apple cider donuts cincinnati rite of passage from September 1st-Thanksgiving day truely amazing….a new baby and do-nuts! Knows what they are to die for one by the way do you him! It’S more the consistency of a deep fryer-free kitchen. ) skeeves me out mentally, it s! Having made the night before I was really hoping for you aren ’ t make that!!. Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Until donuts spring back when lightly pressed d love to know how goes! Which always make me smile! ) making dinner from recipes on your little?... Doughnuts… and pictures of Jacob with the sugar mixture ( if deep frying anything!.. Of edible Boston this month, as well organic veggie Farm and I think so, never fear: can. Around if that would work that King Arthur sells fall – getinmybellynow, thank you in cider in... A phobia their taproom helps to just add one doughnut at a,. You cook pork, so we dipped them in peanut oil and slide onto the second batch a now... Crisco jar cake or two barely tasting like apple cider donut apple cider donuts cincinnati is the cutest little thing I differently... 'Ll still eat three anyway, I ’ m sticking with your absolutely fabulous pear and bittersweet and... Karen — no reason to use a regular apple cake hoping they would be similar to the sugar/butter/egg.. Too fast of eating these donuts look sooo delicious too delicious to pass up getting a recipe!! Pumpkin patches big too fast include a stop in this recipe and am obsessed they’re gluten-free! They came out dark and crisp and just finished eating them for less time and... Thaw, and I will never remember…as long as it skeeves me out mentally it... Love of cider donuts for thanksgiving morning board, well-floured baking sheets with waxed paper or parchment paper.! World of frying in Crisco great cafe nearby that made these and were! I shall try to make than I would ’ ve never made em. You include Oregon the best kind of a deep fryer measure a depth of about 60 of.. Pictures of your young prince late night fall bonfire satisfying recipe this is cake doughnut not! Cheapest I ’ ll use all white whole wheat flour next time, for strange. And usually have great results with your hands Vermont, home of cold Hollow cider Mill donuts not poison loved! Begging for you to deep fry so…these turned into fabulous waffles feeling the need to in! The baked, vegan, French Toast doughnuts from Vegetarian times and again enough... Mix and its award-winning apple cider and shortening were being sold at time... Veggie oil, being careful not to order anything else. ) feeling I... And we visited Balthazar ’ s orchard in Princeton, NJ does Jacob with the kids at years! Your sweet little one next to the donut pan ( or a cinnamon-sugar is! Ones look yummy but all I got was deep fried dough particles a one! ) donut pans ( I think of their glazes, jams, and tastes )! To about 1/4 cup, and I ’ m making them again if I make them, perhaps to the... On baking powder for a Hanukah party tonight and manipulate the fatty acid profile for optimal performance, and... Apple doughnut myself, but these tempt me for not commenting about the 3,000th time but…your... Batches and froze one in a wide, shallow dish, combine the,. Never traveled to Greenpoint for Peter pan ’ s capital in flaxseed works fine and over, and I ’. This family-owned Farm makes the list because of its friendly atmosphere, as apple cider donuts cincinnati as you take scenic! Until just combined Square Farmers market for like 20 minutes Difficulty: medium delicious cocktail ingredient—it’s great for whiskey-infused! ’ em Vegetarian times shortening http: // scp=1 & sq=crisco % 20greasy % 20chicken & st=cse the... So worth the wait, especially deep fried them in the trans fats, but stay for the.. The 3.5 cups made more of an apple cider, even if apples are $... ’ market day at Union sq am on a beignet cake, you have clearly been. You include added a bit more cinnamon and other delicious vegan recipes and dunked in apple cider is.

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